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Long time no see

2015-03-06 00:57:03 by shadow2559

It's been so long since I was active on newgrounds it's kinda hard to know where to start. After a long dry spell I hope to bringing some content to the NG community that will, if nothing else, let people pass time. I am more than happy to try and help with if anyone needs background music for any projects they may have and am feeling more inspired at I get further into stretching my creative wings. So thanks to those who gave me a chance, and enjoy...or whatever 

The hunt for deisama

2011-10-13 10:42:52 by shadow2559

Like many on newgrounds and her fans on other sites I have been hunting for any word from or about Deisama. figured I would start this post to just try and get an answer or two...has just been awhile since she has done anything at all